From the ridge lines of the Dolomites to the colorful villages of the Amalfi Coast

Illustrious cities and splendid natural or man-made landscapes. This heaven for culture and gastronomy is a blessing for photographers. Each site is worth a trip ...

Gondolas in the Giudecca Canal, Venice


What about the last week of the year to visit Venice? You may end-up frozen to the bone but the special atmosphere, far from tourist crowds, is really enjoyable!

Tofana di Mezzo, Dolomites


This is one of the most beautiful areas of Europe, the Dolomites mountains in northern Italy! Beautiful and dramatic peaks separated by passes that you reach after crossing dozens of hairpin turns. Enjoy the views!

Alpe di Siusi, early morning, square format

Dolomites – Alpe di Siusi

This high-altitude alpine meadow is surrounded by the Dolomites mountains. Whether you look at shots taken end of spring in the middle of the prairies with close-ups on wooden cabins or more panoramic views from the surrounding mountains, it's just gorgeous!

San Giovanni Chapel, Dolomites

Dolomites – Churches

Have a close look at the towers and steeples of those churches, some of them capped by onion bulbs to better resist the weight of snow. Don’t you think that their shapes resonate with the majestic peaks and pine trees of the Dolomites that surround them?

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