Lago di Carezza, Dolomites
Lago di Carezza

Photo workshop in the Dolomites

In June 2018, I attended a photo workshop organized by Hans Kruze in the spectacular Dolomites mountains in Italy.  This is one of the most beautiful areas in Europe. The fantastic scenery of the Dolomites is due to their geology. These dramatic shapes are quite strange and unusual compared to the rest of the Alps and to the other mountains on our planet. The main geological difference is the combination of two different kinds of rocks, volcanic and dolomitic.

In this altitude of the mountains, flowers will blossom at this time of year. The weather can be dramatic at times and give wonderful opportunities for extraordinary pictures. The rugged rocks are also beautiful and are emphasized in many different shapes and forms, when the light creates shadows and colors during the day.

Peaks and Passes

Val di Funes Val di Funes Col dei Rossi Col dei Rossi Col dei Rossi Col dei Rossi Lastoni di Formin Lastoni di Formin Monte Nuvolau, Dolomites Monte Nuvolau Tofana di Mezzo Tofana di Mezzo
Tofana di Mezzo, Dolomites

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Lago di Carezza

Transparent waters, emerald color, perfect reflection of pine trees dominated by the Latemar massive! This is Carezza Lake, a real gem in the Dolomites with an elevation of 1500m. The easy access makes it a bid crowded but come early or late in the day and you’ll have it for yourself (and a few other fellow photographers).

A walk-able path takes you around the lake in 30 minutes. You can select your viewpoint depending on the time of the day. Latemar massive, to the south, will be your first view when you reach the lake. Walking counter-clockwise, you will soon face the Catinaccio massive located northeast, however reflections are less impressive.

Lago di Carezza Lago di Carezza Lago di Carezza

Lago di Braies, Dolomites Lago di Braies Cappella lago di Braies

Lago di Braies

Another beautiful lake in the Dolomites, north-east of Lago di Carezza with approximately the same elevation. This series of photos was shot at sunrise when the sun started to hit the mountain called Croda del Becco. The chapel, bathing in reflections of the pine trees, and the small boats reveal the ambient peacefulness.

Lago di Landro

This lake offers nice reflections of Gruppo del Cristallo and its highest peak Monte Cristallo.

Tofana di Mezzo, Dolomites

Baita Segantini Baita Segantini

Baita Segantini

An altitude pond next to Passo Rolle, a mountain refuge and perfect reflections of Pale di San Martino. This is one of the famous spots in the Dolomites! You won’t be the only photographer but there is enough space for everyone. Enjoy!

Tre Cime di Lavaredo

Up at 3am, a good hour drive from Cortina d’Ampezzo to the parking at Auronzo Refuge, driving through Passo Tre Crossi and along the Misurina Lake. We finally reach this landmark of the Dolomites slightly after 4am. We leave the car behind us and start walking towards the Lavaredo Refuge. The path is almost flat. After the refuge, it becomes steeper as we climb to the Forcella di Lavaredo, our shooting spot reached a bit before 5am. That gives us a good 30 minutes to get ready before sunrise. From the Forcella you have a great view of the three peaks which culminate at 3,000m to the southwest, but also a great panoramic view of all the Dolomites.

In this popular hiking area, there are a number of fortifications, trenches, tunnels, iron ladders, and commemorative plaques because the front line between Italy and Austria during WW1 ran through the Tre Cime peaks.

Tofana di Mezzo, Dolomites
Tofana di Mezzo, Dolomites
Tofana di Mezzo, Dolomites
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