Volcano Isluga National Park

Santa Flor de Parajalla, Isluga National Park, ChileSanta Flor de Parajalla, Isluga National Park, Chile

Santa Flor de Parajalla

Volcano Isluga National Park

This park, dominated by volcano Isluga, is located on the altiplano between the border town of Colchane and Lauca National Park further north. We visited it on December 6, 2016 while traveling from Colchane to Salar de Surire. We stopped on several spots, essentially tiny pastoral villages, most of them being abandoned.

Isluga was the first pueblo on our way, with a beautiful adobe church even though it required some refurbishing. Isluga is a ceremonial village and is uninhabited.

Enquelga was the second village, a bit larger but with no particular charm or landmark. I took a shot of an interesting wall painting representing the surrounding landscapes and fauna.

The last hamlet on the way to Surire was Santa Flor de Parajalla. We stopped there to shoot a very isolated and beautiful adobe church with a few broken shacks around. We then had a quick lunch before hitting the road again.

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