Snowy wonderlands and dancing auroras

Norway is famous for the natural beauty of its fjords but why not explore splendid islands in the north of the country? Discover the Lofoten Islands and their mighty mountain ridges and Senja, often described as “Norway in miniature.”

Ramberg beach, Lofoten

Lofoten Islands

They rise from the Artic Sea with their mighty mountain ridges, forming one of the most impressive landscapes on earth. These islands provide the perfect setting for incredible photography opportunities with soft winter light.

Red rorbu, Hamnoy, Lofoten

Lofoten Villages

Fishing villages from the southern part of the archipelago are a real gem of the Lofoten Islands. Their red, or sometimes yellow, rorbuer are very photogenic!

Northern lights, Skagsanden beach, Lofoten

Northern Lights

Enjoy the magic of green and purple auroras dancing over your head while you are standing on a deserted beach of the Lofoten Islands or Senja in the middle of the night! So relaxing!

Devil's Teeth from Ersfjord, Senja


Not as renowned as the Lofoten Island and still preserved from tourist uproar, Senja, second largest island in Norway, holds some of the greatest mountain sceneries. The northwest side is stunning with fjords carving their way between the steep mountains.

Breivikeidet, Norway


The road from Tromsø follows a very scenic valley towards the east until the small village of Breivikeidet. At the end of February, temperatures can be very cold. Perfect conditions for a nice layer of fog covering the water!


Pics from Tromsø, the large city in northern Norway, 350 km above the Artic Circle. They have been shot from the Storsteinen mountain, which can be reached by cable car.

Frozen lake in northern Norway

Frozen Lake in Northern Norway

Pics from a frozen lake in northern Norway, with a good meter of ice underfoot! A hidden gem somewhere on the road between Tromsø and Senja.

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